Karla Homolka Female Serial Killer Now 2012

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Karla Homolka Now

Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta

This is my first and quite likely last *official* update on Emily Bordelais, or as we all know her, Karla Homolka.

In the 5 years and 4 months that she’s been a free woman, it seems that Emily Bordelais, (a.k.a. Karla Homolka) has accomplished everything she told friends and family in letters as well as psychiatrists and therapists regarding her future plans. As we all know. she has gotten married to a man who is related to her lawyer, named Thierry Bordelais. She is still a Canadian citizen but lives outside Canada for part of the year, or did during her second pregnancy. She now has three children, who are all fathered by Thierry. She is self-employed, owning a small company focused on environmentally friendly products and services. She, by all outer appearances, is abiding the law and living her life in total anonymity. By her own account, she loves being a wife and mother. In the few photographs I’ve seen, her two oldest children appear healthy, happy and well cared for; I’ve not seen pictures of her third.

She is accomplishing everything she has wanted to do with her future, in a seemingly normal manner.

I know this is very probably not the kind of “update* everyone was expecting, but this is what I have learned. Fact’s being facts, despite the fact that this woman is equally responsible for taking three lives as Paul, now she is lucky enough to be free and raising three children. She’s gotten to do things neither Kristen, Leslie nor Tammy or many of their other victims will ever be able to achieve, she has university degrees, a career, a marriage, a family. Most would be saddened and angered to know that despite her terrible doings, she has found happiness and is living life exactly as she had hoped she would be able to.

I have always taken a very stern, sometimes, overly irrational stance on Karla’s crimes, her sentencing and her ability to live a normal life after what she’s done; these feelings about her I doubt will ever change; but I do stress that she now has children and has to do her best to protect them. I ask that if people *do* happen upon her online, or in the real world – please keep this in mind.

PLEASE NOTE: *The information included has all been 100% confirmed as fact. As vague as I have to be, I feel that it is necessary to bring this chapter of the Bernardo/Homolka saga to a close. Please do not ask for sources, I do have them and they are 100% reliable, however, revealing them would directly place her and likely her family at risk of being located; that’s something I wouldn’t like to be responsible for.*

Any thoughts?

Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta


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